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  Fly Fishing Gifts: decorative flies handcrafted with authentic fly tying materials!

Tied with a size 2 hook these classic flies come to life on your shelf or desk. They make a great gift for the outdoorsman who appreciates the art of fly fishing!
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  These handcrafted dry flies are made from genuine fly tying materials and capture the art of the sport. If you love fly fishing, you will want a few of these beauties on your shelf.

Adams, Caddis, Green Drake, Renegade, Wulff
  Our decorative nymph flies are a must see. Tied with authentic feathers and beads these unique flies have a distinct look that will make a nice compliment to your dry collection.

Prince, Copper John
  For those of you looking for simple yet unique fly fishing gifts, we have just the thing for you. Our Classic Collections make it easy to find the perfect combination of flies because we have pre-selected them for you.

Perfect Drift, River Bandits
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